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No one

no one will love you anymore
no one will die for you anymore
no one will cry for you anymore
I sang a song of Polaris
despite it’s polarity
despite it’s calamities
we live in infamy
we are unfolded

to this haphazard world

no one will sing a ditty for you
no one will hold your head up for you
bruised and broken
singed hair
mishandled subway token

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Rather be a beggar than liar
when we come apart in two
so I peacefully, respectfully decline
those well versed letters
I am anchored by your tomb
Waiting for the rooster to crow
And they say, “Look, he is in the wilderness”
Or “Look, he is in the inner rooms,”
I won’t believe it.
But you’ve been tarrying
and they’ve been heralding
I can’t but help but rush
patience was never my forte
Because I am a dying man
Waiting for a vapor thin whisper
a sign


Drawn to
the body, the women’s body
curving child bearing hips
form or function?
both intersecting
sub-reptilian brain awakening
sumptuous breasts,
milk for suckling babies


sperm penetrating egg
beauty and reproduction
Is it…
Similarities in the level of attractiveness?
Mirroring one another?
Opposites attract?
Same brain wave lengths?
Is it chance?
or fate?
Or free will?
It’s a drug

streamlined in my veins

and the undying commitment




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we had our heads rested
on the sand
on the beach
we looked up at the black curtain
of starry jewels
we sang songs for you
we danced for you
Here was polaris
to guide you
to revive you
Here was Mars
with it’s bloodlust

fiery spark
Here were my delusions

plucked out again

to be more like you
I met a girl who could cry on cue
and I couldn’t refuse
I woke up to a sounds of pouring rain
and thunderous applause
the angels they were responding
to introspection
and all was forgiven

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