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The line between desire

  And fulfillment

  The reach of the finger, of the breach

 Sweat beads leave a tail of remnants, followed by the quake

   Run around chasing bread crumbs trailing   

    Scattered into the cracks liberally   

   A craving for a sensation

   elusive without a tether

     Envision a rupture

      All these tectonic plates could drift apart

       If we don’t fight for it  

      This double banded voices ripped   

   When we wind around each other we are eating and regurgitating

     What is the connection?

      Or our relation?

      Are you imprinted on the grooves of memory  

            Do I affect you as you evoke me?   

          Or are we a seminal moment only visible to the periphery?

         Do we tumble together to an alcove

         Break me and bend me omnidirectional

         Conceive of a bubble until it bursts

           To eventually move on    

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hail to circle
in all it’s curvaceous form
no end, no beginning
was there ever such perfection?
before the resurrection?
all hail to the circle
in it’s marvelous ways
to it’s ever spinning
ever rewinding
inspiring ways
all our hope was born
in it’s mere conception
but we searched and searched
called all the king’s horses
and all the king’s men
couldn’t put the paragon
back together again

maybe it’s for the better

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how winsome dance
pose, stand, arms aloft
posies unfurl unburden
hearts unstrung
plans unbroken
crown the first child
barely unweaned
sound the bell
call to arms
gird up your loins
delete all reboots
frozen in time
gather all grace
ever so patiently
reset, dispense
sprinkle liberally
anoint my head
with signs, wonders
seal my heart
with a covenant
be untrammeled
by my id


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If I could

 Hold onto

 Any handle

          Any grasp

         Or cliff cleft

 Could I drift into


        Into white space

               White noise

          Until a single breath

               Of wind

             Is expelled

        And we are punished


       We flirt in between

               This liminal space


        We speed up

      This particle accelerator


      We find

       The life so divine


       I find

       All my non perishables


    10 years ago


    We find a semblance

       Of the garden

    And the fountain



     My head is

   Anointed with perfume

    And oil


     My resolve

    Is unsolved  

  Until we emerge

   From the crucible


       Without an odor

    or smell  





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throw out

mercury rising
fever declining
making another revolution
around the world
tea cup ride overdrive
surrender to the currents
lifting out of shoes
oh fates be my guide
lockpick this heart
held captive
to the present
for a storm’s a brewin’
cast me a clue
throw out
all rules

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Don’t forget

this focal point

when all reality seems to collapsing

hold on

to these hand you’ve once held

take  an inventory

of your feats of strength


until reality can be ascertained

let x’s and o’s fall freely

stop contriving with pinpoint precision

because God’s arms

cannot be twisted

feels like this vertigo stopped

and has stopped at position

melt off door knobs

and shatter the ceiling

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you say you want me
that you could always outdraw me
I am everything you wanted
but nothing you needed
I am not the man I really am
nor the man I’m going to be
burn a cigarette hole through my eye
bring my cape, mask, and jacket
shield the gaze of your sunflower daughters
I am an incorruptible shadow
hopping rooftops
I am full of potential
because the monster that hides in men
is crawling out of me
so save your tears for a rainy day
no one will come to save you
or look for you
if you don’t want to save yourself
because the greatest enemy
isn’t nazi germany
but the darkside of me

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swamp lands

it wouldn’t matter
even if you were sober
drenched in sweat
sharpen this wet stone
always accident prone
beware the ides of March
when I come around the col-de-sac
a myth transcending this body
larger than life or death
towering over me in a foreboding way
we are only witnessing to such winds
wavering and weaving webs of translucent truth cast on knife edge
severe all remaining bonds of untruths
of false pretenses and placates
mark me a man on a lam
fleeing every unkempt shadow flooding the swamp lands
where we wrestle with God and the devil

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want all this affirmation

 in this filtered concoction

go about our days without challenge

  reinforce our world view

     the apotheosis of philosophies

     even without self-reflection

     all preconceived notions hung on that linchpin

   get bored


         throw it out

           draw attention

             feign humility

             draw insanity

            multifold motivations

           perpetual incongruent

          know a little about everything

          except our own pulse

         stop commodizing my


           my need for affirmation

           my need to change the world

           my need to be admired

           my need to be useful

           my need for attention

            come tear me apart

             reduce me to


               help me

             find a shadowy reflection

          burnt on the fingerprints of a newborn

            coursing through the life of the umbilical cord

                   unmake me, smash me

                    so this hurricane can piece together a jigsaw puzzle

            Tether me to your heart  again

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The doe

the doe wandered in
with a paper thin skin
glassy eyes fragile, crackable
a string memories, unravel
and sometimes break and multiple
what twisted caramel karma
this gossip a dirty cataract
it ain’t gospel
dreamt of his kiss
reclining on a park bench
imparts to you assurance
you wish you put to sleep the lion
in the midst of puncutuated pain, in drained monochromatic days
in squeezing questions, doubts, rage, resentment,
in potentials, disappointments
into manageable thought bubbles
releasing wondering if we will survive
or be ever healed

but maybe we’ll be more human
find a connection
with another human who listens
and hears

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