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dive into the underworld
and feed the fishes eating off our feet
recoil at atrocities
find some anomaly
that center of gravity
inhale, exhale
the world underneath a blanket of sun
come inching out on all fours on the parched desert landscape
the sun rounding out rising, falling
stars eternally wheeling in a panorama
this seed sprouts
roots dig and siphon water into mouths
it grows taller
and wilts
back into your echo chamber
with your unlocked chests
of all your possessions
bend the will and the mind
follow my body
into serenity



hush let us whisper

undulating circumstantial secrets

manifested in pint-size pulses

maybe we’ll find our childhood

meet me by the highway road side with a knapsack

sample all these supplements

build up an adult reputation

while getting brain freezes

lodged inside was a hidden capsule

home to codes and connections

move me beyond sanity

enabled to be somewhat functioning

reset the clock, resist the flock

my life is virtually a tangent

roots always spreading



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Nook and Crannie

this life we receive
don’t wanna to hear sound bytes
travel through the ear canal and escaping
don’t wanna read and discard

reuse and recharge
entering without filtering
more than laughing,
more than crying,
more than craving
more than obvious
more than supercilious
dogs bark
but do we hear?
rain fell
but it only made us wet

silhouettes dance across the walls

and tell stories
we hold the pencil
and the brush
in the same way as the Creator
and add a miniscule
of pulchritude
funny how we
confine beauty
to a beauty shop
but in the nooks and crannies
of the seemingly plebeian
you’ll find her blushing
and biting the corner of her lip
patient, rising, fomenting hope
unveiling itself
until you are captured
and immersed
in every follicle, pore, and wrinkle
in the  sweat
and melody

thoughts, patterns

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