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heaven knows how far gone
the swing sways
the school bus delayed
in this ungodly hour
how we cower
and bowing to wood and stone
on top of these pillar of bones
how I longed to see your face
one last time
simply beyond this pixelated mess we’ve made
did you have even an ounce realism
or am I lost here in cyberspace
in all the search and seizures
that tracked my history
was it lost in the silence?
all I wanted was you for myself
is that so selfish?
am I bound to sulk in this echo chamber?
until I molt into a catipillar?
nibbling, biting
never swallowing

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Corrie (For the Chow’s)

A bundle of emptiness
an entrance into oblivion
a beginning/ an ending
tiny fists, kicking feet
two baby teeth
a voice in Ramah
Rachel weeping
future hopes retreating
kneeling by an unmarked grave
on a sunny, low-cut grass day
this void unrelenting
you should be
blossuming safety inside of me
not stinging, a swarm of bees
will you recognize me?
in heaven?
will you be a grown woman?
what was the sum of cellular life?
when it leaves us more empty?
lonely family
with a lost piglet
gone prematurely

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Each tick

each tick is closer to the unknowable
as if I could exhale a carburetor
to get the machine rumbling again
my inability to hold one concept
and my ineptitude in a singular pursuit
this drinking water pours through the cracks between my hands
my ideals slip away
like a race dog running after a stuffed bunny
pinning for more novely and discovery
exploring the vast reaches of ingenuity
in the far reaches of the infinite galaxy
preceving the next rubrix cube
astroid, planet, star
to be shifted and shaped
create and uncreate
binding and locking
past and present coalescing
balancing both reality and fantasy
come find me
I’ll be clinging on the moutain side
and slurping from the fountain gushing
as the rain evaporates from the pavement on a popsicle summer day
come find me
and whisper in my ear
all you hold dear
come find me
and tell me that I’m a stranger
and a friend that you’ve always knew
and recognize that we are bound for the promised land
where the harvest is full and the fruit is rippening
waiting for  children all dressed to pick
and the juices dripping down their mouths
come find me

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you counterfeit drug

you sly mangy dog

stole away my spirit

and left this empty shell casing

I’d be tearing apart
the corpus callosum

until the tremor comes

off the richter scale

quake your knees

don’t be a tease

until the men in the white coats

come for you

and put a muzzle

and a mirror

you were dreamin’ inside a dream

on top of the cream

you were the emperor

who has no clothes

but your monarchy

is a snake swallowing

its own tail

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I wish you would find
some elementary way
for death
to pass over my door
and I wouldn’t have to feign rigor mortis
a simple wave of forgiveness
be it a crown of thorns
on top of waves of plagues and pestilence
and the wail for the first born
please hear my voice and my prayers
as they float past the greenhouse effect

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you were that blessed sacrament
invading far across the land
into the woods where the birds sleep
how they peck with their beaks
draw out the worm
but it escapes their grasp
burying deep into the roots of the earth
all words were lost
you brought yourself out
five feet tall
legs stretched full
feet a bit cold
cozying up to the fire
i was a crier
tap your finger when you’re nervous
tell me in morse of your love
that your blood will never depart my veins
and my ancestors will harmonize and dance
according to the rhythm that you’ve set
and my newborn sleeping in my swarthy arms
wishing he would never grow up
all seen in the fire
a single ember ascended
and burnt to the ground
i have
hounded you
and felt the textures of your edges

ingesting you

all my adult life

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I am that sharp intake breath
exhale a gasp escaping
creeping down the rabbit hole
the mist unveiling invitation
shadowy figures cast on wet concrete
too late to shirk from
the alien ship
descending into Sheol
wandering in a slumber for 30 years
succumb to disappearing acts
children on the play ground
resurrects infallible innocence
a strong memory undercurrent
derails me from cyclical consequences
shock therapy out of stupor
hiking further
towards the coast land
towards a light house
find cover and rest in a library
mind melding with every tome

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a guttural cry
of anguish
pulled into a maelstrom
prophecy come true
he never refused
drinking the cup quickly
gavel come swiftly
friends dispersed
birth in reverse
hecklers unmasked
knaves come back
My God, My God
why hast thou forsaken me
to hang on a tree
droplets of blood
brewed Noah’s flood
that drown
this black sea

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judging magpie
you erupt
peering over my shoulder
voicing you’re senior

you smile while you slap

you laugh while you trap
throw the first stone
I’ll be only a pebble

don’t ask for forgiveness
cause it’s not my business
don’t care if you’re angry

this  limbs all gangrene
Mark my words

as I’ll mark down these days
once this hull is breached

fury unleashed

it’s okay

ruminating over maleable thoughts
listen to tick tock
exhale broken teeth
wait for the flood to recede

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hush let us whisper

undulating circumstantial secrets

manifested in pint-size pulses

maybe we’ll find our childhood

meet me by the highway road side with a knapsack

sample all these supplements

build up an adult reputation

while getting brain freezes

lodged inside was a hidden capsule

home to codes and connections

move me beyond sanity

enabled to be somewhat functioning

reset the clock, resist the flock

my life is virtually a tangent

roots always spreading



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