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mechanical, insatiable
that’s what your heart pangs quiver
directionless echoing
into the stratosphere
how can I be more unclear?
chambers of the heart
all inflamed
how can the stakes be more raised?
we grazed in the fields unblossomed
we took to the steps unassumed
retched all that was given to you
until they begin to notice you
retiring and changeability
the banality of marketability
and networkability
race to dead ends
sucking up to Uncle Sam
calculate and quantify
crouch and survive
quicken my heart for the Right
remove the veil
unfurl the sails
lift the anchor
leave no trails
I’m no adult

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Four Winds

was it enough

returning back home

notwithstanding your heart

caught between

a ghost here or there

teleportating particles

you shake my hand

touch it with emenating heat


firebranded with alcohol

searing heat swallowed whole

jonah deep in a whale

complained of the air quality

you are impregnable




in all particularity

bearing postage

swayed, nay bound

by the four winds

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