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Am I a good man?
or bad
the coin flips and is fleeting
are we only dreaming?
did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
or are you having a bad case of bed head?
so let’s duck and run for cover
to avoid needless suffering
arrange a blanket fort out of pillows
brush off these daily trifles
with flippant polarity
got already my daily dose of adulthood
but we overdose
managing expectations
becomes a discipline
but I can’t help
seeing glow-in-the-dark stars
and the outline of mars
standing closely

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you were that blessed sacrament
invading far across the land
into the woods where the birds sleep
how they peck with their beaks
draw out the worm
but it escapes their grasp
burying deep into the roots of the earth
all words were lost
you brought yourself out
five feet tall
legs stretched full
feet a bit cold
cozying up to the fire
i was a crier
tap your finger when you’re nervous
tell me in morse of your love
that your blood will never depart my veins
and my ancestors will harmonize and dance
according to the rhythm that you’ve set
and my newborn sleeping in my swarthy arms
wishing he would never grow up
all seen in the fire
a single ember ascended
and burnt to the ground
i have
hounded you
and felt the textures of your edges

ingesting you

all my adult life

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those lips gently fade to black
 concentrate no, don’t hear, don’t see
 change the channel
 i’ll water myself first
  stop no, don’t carry, that hearse
  i might be a little double minded
  but that’s the lump sum of choices
  in playing chicken with fate
  i may not be as morose as before
   in communicating in code as before
  I always gainsaid reality
 So stick out a carrot  
 so I can follow along
 feel until I touch the braille
  the writing on the wall
  I’ll try to reformat and age
  break down and be saved
 remember that imprint posthumously

  Departing  my forehead
  As an evaporating memory       

 Dripping down

 And disappearing

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i’m kind of broken
but you won’t ever know
i reused that line again
you got the best of my daze
a string of yarn on the welcome mat
and the ball unraveling in the yard
tonight i’m alone
sitting as an imperfect clone
my lung collapsed the other day
but i didn’t have the voice to say
another little paper cut today
and lemon and pepper rubbed in
i make up excuses (where’s your muse?)
get more bruises (I get confused)
forget the formalities
and black tie parties
and shoe tying montages
get back to protein and amino acids
the building blocks of life

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