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sliver opening

steam escaping

bear feet minty fresh tiles


grab towel


go back into warmness


flick switch

crouch, shiver

warming by the heat lamp

staring at the reflection

draw a smiley face

in a long mirror

lay on the rug islands

errant hairs wander

like my thoughts

gargled burning mouthwash

spit out

survivor’s adrenaline

using parent’s bathroom

made me feel grown

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call me craven
you goddamn raven
express derision
in my every decision
hawkish speech
beyond your reach
so discard the instructions
usurp reservation
I can’t be marketable
or disposable
rend doctored behavior
but I’m no licensed behaviorist
we shot the sheriff
and freed barabbas

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i’ve been gone so long
it melts slowly
this permafrost
each beat returning
worlds turn
worlds churn
make my bed
scrub the dishes
look up in the sky
trace clouds
touch the pavement
know reality
trust the empty space

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I wish you would find
some elementary way
for death
to pass over my door
and I wouldn’t have to feign rigor mortis
a simple wave of forgiveness
be it a crown of thorns
on top of waves of plagues and pestilence
and the wail for the first born
please hear my voice and my prayers
as they float past the greenhouse effect

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