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slain in the spirit
unexceptional and inarticulate
funneled trepidation
dimly lit mirror
for caricature
marked and delineated
exaggerated and itinerant
ragged crow
lost and withdrawn
selective sultry-songs
erstwhile we are prone
to wander
prone to leave
the God I love
still welcome
into Zion



love seems like

a never-ending staircase

a hospital waiting room

and what was the accumulation all these ticks

and silences?

was it only a sacred sigh

of spent hours

and wasted hours

chartering pirates looting

with coins in their eyes

skimming the surface

but never casting anchors

or mooring at any harbors

I always seem to be

Swimming water

from one letter

to another

in this crowded

alphabet soup

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Sufjan Stevens

Finger droppings

Quick and perfectly executed

Gentle and calming

Like raisin cakes

On a porch Sunday morning

And lemonade

With hysterical



A simple, infantile song

And intimate crooning

Sighing infinitely


the time space continuum

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i cannot forbear
or quell
this eastern swelling wind
restrained in this sanctum
to reign
by the nape of it’s neck
is this incessant itch
and annoyance
with no relief
to populate
and multiply
often I
burn out this lantern
and waste seed
on pallid skin and pixelated eyes
on apparitions prone to dissipate
this fluttering heart
reduces it speed
when hitting the speed-bump of the next victim
only a forgettable thud

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The River

Running through knee high grass

moss and stones padded

two peach trees my forbidden trees

summer the most beautiful season

following the path I only know

here lies a wooden work out machine

an oak split in half, innards split out

the path leading down the river

where frogs and snakes were caught

where fat skunks fled

feet in deep mud

or lying on a blanket of grass

next to a trickling stream

I even drank

some wild in me.

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is cutting a line
and watching itself untangle
like a fuse lit
starting over
accumulating laughter, grievances, nuances
practicing and curing familiarity
uncovering acceptance
friendships that seemed more ancient
leaving is restarting

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Some day

some day
we’ll all crawl out of these holes
into the sunlight
at mid-day
some day
we’ll see light in darkness
all the stars play connect the dots
rename the constellations
into our own mythology
some day
we’ll make some sense of random
and see that beauty
that no eye has seen
and no ear has heard
that hope instilled in you
bubbling up, permeating walls and membranes
could it be
that this was all conceived
before the foundation of the world
we were all connective tissue
small parts of a whole
rotating, gravitating, to it’s own rhythm
will it all end in a traffic jam, out of tune?
or is there a harmony, meandering in and out?
is it a bit like falling in love?
surrendering into the hands of another
of another sister or brother
of a long waiting lover?
What if some day
was today?

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We gnaw meat off the bone

Seeing how fire transforms

We slept in the afternoon

And waited

until the night was in full bloom

aloneness is my only customer

books and shows time measures

family calls barometers

short conversation exchanges

are my daily bread

sometimes I starve

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