Monthly Archives: June 2016


the lazy ones go first
chemically bonded
eyes shut tight
ignorance is easy to swallow
allow myself to wallow in slumber
sifting through all this code
identify connections, and clone
don’t count me out
I may be still emerging
don’t let all the bells and whistles
distract you
retract you
from this metanoia
of something far greater
than these mustard seeds sprouting

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You’re not crazy
or weird

you are just my friend
is the antidote
that I needed

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Stop Begin

I’m sorry
I’ll just stop fucking around
I’ll hurry up and find a wife
they’ve got their time tables
and we craft fables
until rigor mortis sets in
until we cease to begin
the neighbours called the cops
those angelic headlights zone in
so catapult every catastrophe
and starve out your apathy
until this paint chips off
and the stars become supernovas
encroach on the cradle
build your tower of babel
and let it tumble
at the rumbling
of chariots
swallow a sun
we’ve just begun

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how does anyone cope?
eloping with the milky way
how often we cave and collapsed
to spinning a tale out of clouds
a quick territory scout
all strive in the tourney
few emerged in victory
a thorough taxonomy of love
nothing fit like a glove
every handwritten name
erased from the book of Life
pearls thrown to swine
Bartimaeus on the roadside
take heart, cast the cloak
take some kindling
and spark an inkling

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