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conquer and divide
sift and revive
complicate, endure
be enamoured
reveal or conceal
shield or heal
heads or tails
to dock or to sail
resuscitate or hesitate
or just levitate
managing hope
far away
from a telescope
moored in the harbor
waiting for
a suitable carver
to cover
to ensnare
butterfly dreamers
outwit the constable
outplay the corporal
forget the critic
remember analytics
conquer and divide
sink or survive

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It’s hard to resist
it’s hard to subsist
in that subversive
way of blending
while unraveling
in a juvenile way
and so we are slaves
to our myopic quiet
a foreigner
in the planet he was born in
I crept up on you
and tapped
but you looked the other way
and what could I say?
resting on the cusp of your eyeline
creeping at the edge of a design
where Spirits collide
and dreams ride
where skeptism dies
where underdogs rise
these blues aren’t bruising
when we are cruising
blunderous waves
over knaves
over graves
so man our battle stations
that’s your vocation

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