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What weather worn traveler

went where?

all our great inventions, and honorable intentions

sheltered and shattered

nothing left to bear

what mind erases

and hibernates with pain

you are the song I sing

on Sunday morning

the breath on the coattails of wind

coalescing in a bedtime story

in a dim lit room, glow-in the dark stars

I find you shining wisp

calling in the dark

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      what’s the point
of spitting bloody teeth out?
taking yourself out?
premature sun dried tomatoes
sold wholesale
washed out treads and smooth tires
we were tired
there was only emptiness of space
stretched between us
rendered barren
tried to pull out life
from a worn out sole
let the land lie fallow
let it hunger and hollow
aid me

raid me

render me sleep


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that incorruptibility
heroic infallibility
placed through
a paper shredder
make me
break me
find me serrated
separated in tattered tears
malleability in mutations
you think you want me
but that wasn’t me
i am torn asunder
such a blunder
“if” is a desire
always grown tired
don’t be that kronos
swallowing, hooking
if you love me
you would let me go

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