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Scale Down

scale it down

heart rolling stop on a beat

find your eyes swimming in the sanctuary

meet me at the equator

right at the equinox

no need to live one someone else’s plane

heave this yoke off calloused shoulders

tread on water, tread on clouds

dash lightly across thoughts outloud

don’t hold on too tightly to circumstances

hope for the hopelessly stubborn

for the climbers always fighting an upwards battle

we may be vapor disappearing in the wind

retention facts and figures

attention maps and laughs




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hush let us whisper

undulating circumstantial secrets

manifested in pint-size pulses

maybe we’ll find our childhood

meet me by the highway road side with a knapsack

sample all these supplements

build up an adult reputation

while getting brain freezes

lodged inside was a hidden capsule

home to codes and connections

move me beyond sanity

enabled to be somewhat functioning

reset the clock, resist the flock

my life is virtually a tangent

roots always spreading



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how i long to
see the last of
these days
these rays of sun shine
and dust fade into the twilight
this paraffin lamp  we have
coated with the residue of time
we refill the oil
and lit the wick
to continue this march forward
to no particular point or cross section
hibernating in your habits and particularity
finding one’s own scarcity
the flight of the endangered animal
fluid, full of grace
valiant vigilant
silenced and bespectacled
elaborate, watchful sentinel
last dance for mating

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hours unending
in the waiting room
until the hands all fall off
and the numbers melt into the pot
all your joints out of socket
dialed it down
don’t be so melodramatic
don’t cover yourself in the attic
all your crevices will be filled
from one end to the other
come let us go into confession
for hope of the bodily resurrection
measure every cup of empathy
cast away that apathy
lift up the bear trap
uncover a treausure map
escape from the tomb

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New Year

to see into the distance

is to see life coming into clarity

I can only hope with hopes that I would be more optimistic

I only wonder with a fleeting grasp of reality.

I am startled by my own shadow and influence.

Of the daredevil-like tendencies of a man so afraid but bold.

I admit I shot darts blindfolded, most of them missed, but some hit the mark.

wondering if this train will ever start, but it keeps on moving

I’m learning to plan a little further ahead of time

shunning the spotlight, but being  pushed further

may this next year have some sense of resolution

as they all seemed to end with commas rather than periods

Honesty is my only superpower, and frankly, it sucks sometimes.

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